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Celebrating 103 Years
1918 – 2021

Champaign County
Home and Community Education (CCHCE)   

… Making a difference for families since 1918

Established on May 15, 1918, Champaign County Home and Community Education (HCE) – (HCE – past name of the organization has been Champaign County Home Bureau later Home Extension) is a not for profit organization with 300 members within the 13 individual units/clubs that meet monthly at various times & places throughout Champaign County.

We are part of the Illinois Association of Home and Community Education (IAHCE) state organization that was formed in 1924 to help women become better home economists. Today HCE continues to focus on the home as well as community outreach, international awareness, cultural arts and continuing education.  We are 1 out of 78 Illinois counties united together.

We support being lifelong learners that promotes, supports, and educates individuals, families and the community through educational program provided by the University of Illinois Extension. You can attend up-to-date Lessons for Living on aging, health, food & nutrition, families, children, education and the environment. Appealing to all ages, these research-based lessons are brought to you by the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension office. U of I Extension specialist translates current research based information into practical advice that HCE members can use in their daily lives.  Community members are welcome to attended these lessons and any of the organizations events or projects.

Each unit welcomes new members. The unit members meet to receive lessons, exchange ideas, share life experiences and socialize.

Dues are $20.00 per year for those interested in joining a unit.


Our mission
To strengthen individuals and families through
– continuing education
– leadership development
– community service
– personal growth

                                   Historical Involvement:

Champaign County Home & Community Education (HCE)
-Formerly Champaign Co. Home Economics Extension Service
-Formerly Home Bureau
-Formerly Champaign County Home Improvement Association
                                    Organized in 1918 Cooperating
with U.S. Department of Agriculture and
University of Illinois Extension

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  1. Marge Probasco says:

    Looking “Good” love the ”Calendar of “Events” >> that way……..all will know ‘what’s going on & when………..thank you !! Marge Probasco

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