Past Events

7th Annual Garage Sale – July 17-18, 2018

Members attending McLean County 100th Anniversary
July 10th, 2018

IMG_8013 (1)

100th Anniversary Celebration – July 7, 2018
Champaign County Home and Community

  Family Charter Members
Carol Froeschl, Mayview Unit
Grandmother was a Charter Member of Mayview
Roberta Farley, Bondville/Seymour Unit
Mother & Grandmother Charter member
of Bondville/Seymour Unit

Good Time Band and Quartet – June 30, 2018


Spring Membership Event – June 20, 2018
IMG_7573 (1)


New Member – Roberta Bleichner
Joining Pesotum Unit


First Annual Spring Craft and Plant Sale

Craft and Plant Sale Clip art

100th Annual Meeting – May 7, 2018

IMG_1452 (1)        100 Anniversary logo in color
50 Year Members – Joanne Cahill,
Alice Duitsman

IAHCE State Conference – March 13-15, 2018
    Keller Convention Center – Effingham

IMG_1381 (3)
CCHCE Members attending State Conference
Seated:  Joan Stanley, Elizabeth Micheal, Carol Froeschl,
Donna Shirer, Mary Lou Younger
Standing:  Richey Vanderspool, Becky Gatewood, Bobbi McEntire,
Judy French, Donna Prahl, Luanna Olson, Bonnie Whiteside

Awards won for 2017 year:  Luanna Olson – Volunteer Hours-most in
District 5; Judy French Education Award for Community Issues;
Carol Froeschl, 2017 Grand Award – for Public Relations for 2017 HCE

International Luncheon – November 29, 2017
International Luncheon Fall 2017 Phillipines

Holiday Trees and Craft Show 2017

HCE Holiday Trees and Craft Show 2017 Greeters
Luanna Olson, Sue Christensen, Carol Froeschl
Standing: Bobbi McEntire

HCE Month – 2017

Membership Event – October 11, 2017
IMG_1041 (1)                   Received membership awards for years in Champaign County HCE

Seated:  Mary Lou Gannaway 40 yrs Early Risers, Betty Lauchner 10 yrs Philo, Erma Mennega 30 yrs Early Riser,
Carol Froeschl 40 yrs Mayview, Ruth Willamon 40 yrs Pesotum
Back:  Nancy Strunk 40 yrs Early Risers,  Elaine Aaltonen 40 yrs Pesotum, Clara Henderson 30 yrs Mayview,
Virginia Welborn 10 yrs Dewey/Fisher,  Mary Piercy 20 yrs Pesotum, Anita Gilliland 40 yrs Pesotum, Eileen Miller 20 yrs Staley.

New Members joining at Membership Event
Linda Crowley and Carolyn Flesner.  – Welcome

IMG_1035 (1)
Winner of Make It Beautiful Again
Left: Melissa Chitwood with Mary Lou Younger

Game Day – October 18, 2017
IMG_5498  HCE Month Activities 2017 Game Day

Cultural Arts – October 26, 2017
HCE Month Activities 2017 CULTUALS ARTS SHOW

Winners to State Conference March 2018
Melissa Chitwood, Leatrice Helbling, Mary Ann Rinkenberger,
Pat Meriedth, Donna Shirer

Guest speaker on colors that you can wear
Melissa Chitwood

                                  Style show from CJ Banks

Membership Event – May 17, 2017




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