Our members are part of the largest volunteer educational organization in the world. Each member of Champaign County HCE is automatically a member of our affiliates:

Illinois Association for Home and Community Education (IAHCE)
Unites together the County Associations of the State with the purpose of
promoting educational and community service with approximately 9,000 members.

National Volunteer Outreach Network, Inc. (NVON)
Member organizations working together to promote communication,
education,  and volunteerism for all people.

Country Women’s Council, USA (CWC)
The Country Women’s Council is composed of all United States organizations belonging to ACWW.  Currently these organizations are National Association for Family and Community Education, American Farm Bureau Women’s Committee, National Master Farm Homemaker’s Guild, National Volunteer Outreach Network, Inc., The National Farm and Garden Associations Inc,.,and New York Federation of Home Bureaus,  CWC serves as a liaison committee between the United States and the ACWW.

Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW)
   Promotes international goodwill, friendship, and understanding between the country
women and homemakers of the world.  Works to improve standards of living for all
women and their families through its worldwide projects.

The mission of the Illinois Association for Home & Community Education is:
-To enhance the lives of individuals and families
through quality educational programs and experiences.
-To encourage responsible leadership and service to
the community.


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