Program Focus

Champaign County Home and Community Education is part of the State IAHCE organization that was formed in 1924 to help women become better home economists.
Today, HCE continues to focus on the home as well as Cultural Arts, International Awareness, Family and Community Issues and Volunteering.


Cultural Arts
 Our Cultural Arts event  will be on October 24th – members will bring their handmade projects and crafts to display and 8 items will be selected to send to our State Conference where they will be judged.



The Country of Study for 2019 is India.  Our International Luncheon will be on November 15th – at the Farm Bureau Auditorium, 801 County Fair Dr., Champaign.


Family and Community Issues
Our topic of study for this year is Elder Abuse.  Also our County and Units are supporting Development Service Center group homes in Champaign County. Units sponsoring a group home are:  Mayview Unit, Staley Unit, Rantoul Unit and Bondville/Seymour Unit.

Another project is making Weighted Blankets for Autistic Children in Champaign County.  Members have monthly sewing days to make these
much needed blankets for children in the county.  

Volunteering           The Purpose of Volunteer Hours?

Whenever someone asks what is HCE, we as HCE members should respond accordingly.
We are a not for profit, educational, and volunteer organization. Volunteering is an important part of what our organization is all about. The reported hours are used by the IAHCE State Board to recognize those outstanding members who go over and above the call of duty when volunteering. The U of I Extension uses the hours to help show how programs they support make an impact on their communities and the state as a whole when proving their worth to the state government. Our volunteer hours help to support the U of I Extension program and financing.
    The IAHCE President refers to the number of hours reported quite often during presentations to non HCE groups. This information is important in determining how much of an impact we make all over the state of Illinois.
For example, if we were to remove the volunteer hours designated to the 4-H program, it would be guaranteed that the 4-H program would suffer.
Members of HCE use the excuse that if I turn in my volunteer hours, “I feel that I am bragging”. As your CVH Volunteer Chairman, I encourage all HCE members to turn in all their volunteer hours and receive your well-deserved pat on the back. The most important issue to keep in mind is that this information helps the U of I continue to provide these services.
Remember, it does not matter how big or how small the number of hours!
What matters most is that every HCE member and every hour counts!    



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