Each year IAHCE selects a County of Study for counties/units to study.  Some of the Country of Studies have been:  Germany, South Africa, Trinidad & Tabago, Scotland, Israel, Belgium, Baltic States.  Each year the County has an International Event on the country of study.  Guest speakers come and talk about the country and entertainment from the county of study.

This year, 2016, the County and Units are studying Ecuador.
Ecuador is just smaller than Italy or the U.S. state of Nevada.  The country is located on, and named after, the equator. Ecuador has four major geographic regions: La Costa (coastal lowlands), rich agricultural land; La Sierra (Andean highlands), snowcapped mountains; El Qriente (eastern lowlands), foothills and mostly tropical rain forest. 

Also, the County and Units support “Pennies for Friendship”.   Pennies for Friendship is collected at monthly Unit meetings and all Champaign County HCE events.  This money helps with the financial responsibilities and projects of Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW).  ACWW is an international association composed of country women and homemaker organization in 70 countries.  Through projects in rural communities, ACWW aims to improve the standard of living for all women and their families in health/nutrition, housing and fresh water supply, literacy, small-scale agricultural and leadership and skill training that encourage women to play a full part in the development of their communities

November 16, 2016-
details later
Public Invited


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