Champaign County Home & Community Education (CCHCE)

Becoming a Member

We invite you to be a guest at one of our unit meetings or programs and find out what all C.C.H.C.E has to offer.

Membership Dues is only $20.00 a year and entitles you to attend monthly meetings, enjoy our programs/lessons provided by University of Illinois Extension specialists, receive our monthly newsletter to keep you up-to-date on current issues, attend HCE activities and other county events and a yearly program book.  The membership year runs from January 1 to December 31.

Any new member shall have their dues pro-rated as follows:  Those joining January, February, or March will pay $20.00; those joining in April, May or June will pay $15.00; and those joining in July, August, or September will pay $10.00; and those joining in October, November, or December will pay $5.00

If your have a busy schedule, you can still join H.C.E. without attending a unit’s monthly meeting.  We offer a separate membership called “Member at Large“.  The benefits are the same and the cost is still only $20.00 a year.

Membership in H.C.E. means making new friends, learning about interesting topices on health education, nutrition, family and consumer economics, personal growth, community service, the environment and much more.

For questions about membership and the organization, please call

Carol Froeschl, Membership Chrm.
621-2724 –

Complete the following form and a member of Champaign County Home and Community Education (HCE) will contact you.


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